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Momento, the coffee: the cult of made in Italy Espresso

Momento Espresso was born in December 2010,
appearing on the market with exclusive blends made by one of the oldest Italian roasting company.
Thanks to the top-level blends and the made in Italy coffee machines, Momento Espresso is in all aspects an outstanding made in Italy product, with an unique taste. And which, in a short time and by the word of mouth of its customers, was able to win big clients.
Word of mouth is running fast out of Italy too: from 2013, Momento Espresso is also distributed in Spain and started to collect local customers in the rest of Europe, the Middle East and even in the United States .
At the end of 2013 was launched the new blend ELISIR, with Ganoderma Lucidum extract, introducing the Momento Wellness line, in addition to the three traditional top quality blends.
Today Momento Espresso receives orders from customers from all over the world and is preparing to open distribution in new countries, to contribute to the spread of the incomparable quality of Italian espresso at international level.

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