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Compatible Nespresso pods

Elisir Nespresso compatible pods

With the mixture Ganoderma Special ELISIR you can enjoy an espresso enriched with an extract of Ganoderma Lucidum, a mushroom with many beneficial properties, known and used in the Orient for over 4000 years .

What is il Ganoderma Lucidum?
Ganoderma contains many substances that can have a positive influence on our body , such as:
- Vitamins (D, B, C)
- Protein - Mineral Salts
- Oleic Acid
- Polysaccharides
- Steroids Plants
- Triterpenoids (ganoderic acid and lucidenic acid) .

The Ganoderma has shown to:
• have antioxidant properties
• help the immune system and the body's defense
• help the body to adapt to stress conditions
• protect the health and the cellular function
• ensure a proper blood oxygenation
• help to maintain normal cholesterol levels
• support the natural functions of the body to control blood sugar

Pleasure and Well-being today in a Momento!

In a moment of pleasure are added the nutrients of Ganoderma, that makes this special blend of coffee a true vitamin supplement. Thanks to the very nature of the coffee, the best cardio - kinetic element, these nutrients get in our body in a fast and pleasant way.

Much more than a coffee .... an ELISIR of long life !

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