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Our Momento Pods are compatible with
Lavazza Espresso Point

Lavazza compatible pods Momento Espresso

If you have Nespresso machine try our compatible pods CLICK HERE

Momento Espresso is a superior quality coffee fully created with a Made in Italy philosophy: top quality blends, Italian coffee makers and centuries of Italian history in roasting experience.

Momento Espresso offers three classic blends top quality:
Puro Arabica, Intenso, Deca and one new Wellness, Elisir Ganoderma Special (compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point).


Puro Arabica A unique blend of pure Pure Arabica beans from the best plantations in Brazil and South America. For those who enjoy a refined, aromatic and intoxicating espresso.


Intenso A special mixture containing selected Brazilian Arabica beans and fine Asians Robusta beans. For those who enjoy a round and full-bodied espresso, with a strong taste.


Deca A mixture for people who never gives up to a cup of coffee. For those who want an excellent espresso in every moment of the day, even just before going to sleep.


Momento Espresso Elisir Ganoderma Special

In a moment of pleasure are added the nutrients of Ganoderma, that makes this special blend of coffee a true vitamin supplement.

Our pods are compatible with the Lavazza Espresso Point

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